Budweiser & Battle Axe's Wild Game Dinner

Wild game dinner is presented as an “all you can eat, all you can drink” format.

An assortment of local and potentially exotic food groups shall be presented throughout the evening.  Not to disappoint on the beverage side, the dinner includes a top shelf open liquor bar and free flowing ice cold beer, both bottled and on tap.

This year’s menu will include Wild Pork, Catfish, Turkey, Gator, Venison, Jambalaya, Quail, Swamp Cabbage, Frog legs and Sweet Corn. All foods groups will be prepared by local “best of the best” cooks with private recipes that should serve to please any palette.

Aside from the delicious food and open liquor / beer bar, Cigars will also be offered as a nightcap for a small donation.

All the money made from the Wild Game Dinner event goes 100% to local charities.

Please visit website for tickets & info:

Wild Game Dinner